Multi Vitamin Energy Corp. was launched in May 2008 with a line of seven natural multivitamin enhanced waters rich in electrolytes and antioxidants. Today the company’s portfolio includes New York Iced Tea (seven regular flavors and two diet versions), Multi Vitamin “R” Energy Drink, Natural Healthy Spring Water and Multi Vitamin Enhanced Water(Four regular flavors and two zero calories, zero carb, zero sugar).

In two years Multi Vitamin Energy Corp. has become the fastest growing beverage company in the northeast.

The Multi Vitamin Energy beverage line was originally created by Raymond Jaquez several years ago, at the time when Vitamin Enhanced Water was not even a category in the beverage industry. Mr. Jaquez is today the President of the company and the one in charge of Product Development.

Raymond Jaquez has many years of experience in marketing strategy and marketing research, what allows the company to stay ahead of the market and easily respond to customers need.

Two former sales executives of Goya Foods were named to top leadership positions and co-founders of the new Corporation.

Company CEO Victor Rios and Chief Operating Officer Juan Polanco both left Goya Foods to help guide the beverage company to become number one in the area.

As key accounts manager at Goya, Rios was responsible for managing and developing the many of the firm’s top accounts, including A&P, K-Mart, Krasdale, Wakefern and Wal-Mart. He served the company in several sales positions from 2000 to 2008. Prior to joining Goya Foods, Rios was territory manager for Nabisco and an area sales manager for Best Foods.

He holds an MBA in Education and Leadership from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is about to receive a Doctoral Degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Before joining Multi-Vitamin Energy Corp. as chief operating officer, Polanco was an account manager for Goya Foods for seven years, calling on Bogopa, General Trading, Key Food, Krasdale, Target, Trade Fair and Western Beef. Prior to joining Goya he worked for Nabisco for ten years as a territory manager and Best Foods for three years as a sales representative. Palanco holds an associate’s degree in business management and accounting.